Nesso - Punta della Cavagnola

Nesso - Punta della Cavagnola

  • Address: Nesso (CO)

Punta della Cavagnola, in the municipality of Nesso, is the point where the long, looming ridge of mount San Primo, the highest peak in the Larian Triangle, meets the lake. To the south-east of Punta della Cavagnola, between Nesso and Argegno, is the deepest point in the lake (-410 metres). Because of its position between the two basins of the Como arm of the lake, Punta della Cavagnola was of strategic importance in the past. There was of course a watchtower, but there are also tales of a small church dedicated to Saint Nicholas, and of a famous tavern. It is said that sailors invoked the saint as loudly as they could as they prepared to round the point, believed by many to be dangerous.



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