Bellagio - Villa Trotti-Bentivoglio

Bellagio - Villa Trotti-Bentivoglio

  • Address: Piazza Don Miotti, 1 Bellagio (CO) ITA

The house already existed in the 1600s. In 1752 the Marquis Ludovico Trotti transformed it into a sumptuous villa surrounded by a magnificent Italian garden. The following century a descendent of the family, upon returning from his travels to the East, altered the fa?ade to give it a Moorish aspect and created a tropical aquatic garden with ornamental oriental plants (from Japan, China and Korea). There are gravel paths through the park and a wide semicircular flight of stone steps leads down to a pebble beach, protected by a charming jetty. A more recent addition is the heated swimming pool, which is open until mid-October. The villa’s grounds are adjacent to those of the neighbouring Trivulzio Park. A brook flows between the two, which are linked by a footbridge.




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