Taste the “Vie del Viandante”

Along a path of over 200 km it is easy to expect to find different types of cuisine. If the territories you cross are also very varied from a morphological point of view, with high mountains and valleys, lakes and plains, it is clear that the gastronomic offer will reflect the variety of the environments crossed.


In Valchiavenna, along the Via Spluga, the main attraction is the Brisaola, a cut of salted and seasoned beef, to be tasted without seasoning, accompanied only by bread and a good glass of wine. Flavored with the natural fumes of pine or larch wood, it is left to mature in the typical “crotti” (natural mountain cellars) where the temperature remains constant.  Another typical product of Valchiavenna is the “Violino di capra”, originally from the Spluga Valley, which won the “Slow Food Presidio”.


Lake Como cuisine is characterized by dishes influenced by the food cultures of the lake and the mountains: fish-based dishes are accompanied by platters of cold cuts and cheeses, all seasoned with the excellent DOP “Laghi Lombardi – Lario” oil.


The Brianza area, with its agricultural vocation “forced” by the proximity of the big city, enhances an essentially poor type of cuisine. The agricultural resource most compatible with this geography and with these functions was that of secondary cereals (first rye, millet and barley, then maize) while the wooded area has always favored hunting (birds, game) and harvest (chestnuts, walnuts, snails and crayfish).