Bellagio - Chiesa di San Giacomo (Church of San Giacomo)

Bellagio - Chiesa di San Giacomo (Church of San Giacomo)

  • Telephone: +39 031 950418
  • Address: Piazza della Chiesa 22021 Bellagio (CO)

The church of San Giacomo was built in the 12th century. It was extended in the Baroque period with a nave and two side aisles and the bell tower to the left of the facade. The three apses with double arched lintels on the outside and the four capitals and the Symbols of the Evangelists in the porch are all that remains of the original building. The other works of art in the church are from different periods: two 15th-century panels by artists of the Umbrian and Lombard schools and various Romanesque sculptures, numerous paintings from the late 16th and 17th centuries (including the ‘Deposition of Jesus in the Tomb’ and ‘Our Lady of Grace’, the first attributed to Perugino and the second to the 16th-century painter Foppa), the 18th-century carved wood and gilded high altar, a 12th-century Romanesque Crucifix and a 17th-century image of the Deposition of Christ in the Tomb, which is carried in the Good Friday procession every year. In 1904 the most badly damaged parts of the church were restored to their original Romanesque form. The bell tower was also restored to its original Romanesque form, but much more recently. When the restoration was completed, the church was declared a National Monument.



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