Lezzeno - Grotta dei Bulberi (o Grotta Azzurra)

Lezzeno - Grotta dei Bulberi (o Grotta Azzurra)

  • Address: Lezzeno (CO)

The water-level entrance to the Bulberi grotto, also known as the Azure grotto, is near the cliffs of Sassi Grosgalli (a name of Celtic origin), that fall sheer to the lake on the western side of the Larian Triangle between Lezzeno and Bellagio. The Bulberi grotto is accessible by boat and is famous for the colour effects caused by the sun. According to local historians, this was the hiding place of the biggest fishes in the lake, the legendary ‘bulberi’ (hence the name of the grotto) described by Paolo Giovio. These man-sized fishes were impossible to catch: they were so big they tore the fishing nets and harpoons snapped against their scaly skin. 



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