Nesso - Chiesa dei Santi Pietro e Paolo (Church of Santi Pietro e Paolo)

Nesso - Chiesa dei Santi Pietro e Paolo (Church of Santi Pietro e Paolo)

  • Telephone: +39 031 910123
  • Address: Via Borgovecchio, 31 22020 Nesso (CO)

Although this church dates back to around the year 1000, we have no records of its activities for several centuries. The lakeside church was rebuilt in the early 17th century in the Baroque style. Some details from the original building can still be seen, such as the remains of a fresco in the closet next to the bell tower. The church has four side chapels, dedicated to Our Lady of the Rosary, Christ Crucified, Saint Joseph and Saint Francis Saverio. The chapel dedicated to Saint Joseph has some valuable frescoes by Carlo Innocenzo Carloni, the Italian artist from the Intelvi valley and an internationally acclaimed master of the ostentatious Rococo style. The 18th-century paintings by Francesco Maria Bianchi in the chapel dedicated to Christ the Crucified are worthy of note. The paintings in the chapel of Our Lady of the Rosary are by a local artist, Giovan Battista Caprani. The Baptistery is decorated with works by Luigi Tagliaferri. The beauty of the frescoes is enhanced by the ostentatious furnishings: the marble altar, carved wooden furniture and embossed copper candelabras.



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