FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


Are the trails of the Vie del Viandante practicable by bicycle?

The only completely flat route that can be traveled by bike is the Leonardo’s Path. For the other sections we suggest you to contact the Infopoint

Can I rent a bike?

The list of bike rental points is available at “Services for the wayfarer

Can I bring my bike on the train or ferry?

Some trains and boats offer the possibility to bring a bicycle on board. We recommend to visit “Getting around by public transport


Can I ride the "Vie del Viandante" on horseback?

The only completely flat route that can be traveled on horseback is the Leonardo’s Path. For the other sections we suggest you to contact the Infopoint

Are the "Vie del Viandante" suitable for teens and children?

Some trails, or parts of them, can be easily walked by children and teens: Check each route’s sheet and choose the one that best suits your group and the participants’ training level.

Which type of equipment is necessary to have?

The best footwear for this type of route are light, ankle-high hiking boots with anti-blister trekking socks. The backpack should be 35-45 liters, loaded with the bare minimum, so that the weight does not exceed 7-8 kg (6-7 kg for women). The backpack and shoes must be of excellent quality, so it is best to spare no expense in this area. The rest of the equipment may be less expensive, but still made up of very light and breathable technical clothing. For the rain a good anorak and a parasol are the best solution, better not to use a cape.

How are the different levels of difficulties indicated?

The degree of difficulty is indicated using the CAI classification which divides the commitment required for tourist itineraries into 4 categories, marked with a letter. Below is the legend, in ascending order of difficulty:
T → Tourist
E → Hiking
EE → Expert Hikers EEA → Expert Hikers with Equipment


How can I get the Passport?

You can find the wayfarer’s Passport every day at Infopoint of Lecco: everyday (on Sundays and holidays included) from 9:00 to 13:00 and from 14:00 to 18:00 (it is closed on 24th December in the afternoon, on 25th and 26th Decemer all day, on 31st December in the afternoon, on 1st January all day). The Infopoint is located in Piazza XX Settembre, 23

How much does it cost?

The wayfarer’s Passport is free

Where can I get my passport stamps?

The passport can be stamped in different places of interest along the Way as a reminder of the various stages traveled. Official stamps can be found in the accommodation, restaurant and services that are involved in the project.