• Brivio - Castello (Castle)

    Documents refer to the existence of a castle in this place since the 10th century, but the present castle is most probably a reconstruction of the previous fortress, carried out by the Visconti family...
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  • Calolziocorte - Monastery of Santa Maria del Lavello (Monastery of Santa Maria del Lavello)

    The complex is one of the most important religious institutions in the Lecco area, located in a picturesque natural setting on the banks of the Adda River. It consists of the church and two main court...
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  • Cornate d'Adda - Centrale Bertini (Bertini power plant)

    The history of the Adda River can also be told through industrial archaeology. The Porto d'Adda power plants are two examples of Edison's first settlements along the river located in Lombardy. The B...
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  • Cornate d'Adda - Centrale Esterle (Esterle power plant)

    The Esterle power plant, built in 1914, is dedicated to the memory of Carlo Esterle, managing director of the Edison Company. This extraordinary building, reminiscent of the Lombard Renaissance, is al...
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  • Ecomuseo Adda di Leonardo (Leonardo's Adda Eco museum)

    The open-air Eco museum is a route consisting of 14 stations and 47 stops to discover Leonardo's footprints left in the area. The boundaries of the Eco museum, to be visited on foot or by bicycle, ar...
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  • Garlate - Civico Museo della Seta Abegg (Silk Museum)

    The Abegg Silk Museum is located in a spinning mill of eighteenth-century origin, on the shores of Garlate Lake, surrounded by a mulberry garden. It exhibits discoveries, inventions and machines for t...
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  • Il Naviglio di Paderno

    The Paderno Naviglio was built to overcome the non-navigable stretch of the Adda River and obtain continuity of navigation to Lake Como. The construction of the Paderno Naviglio began at the end of th...
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  • Il Naviglio Martesana

    The Martesana Naviglio was built in 1443 in response to a request to build a canal to take water from the Adda River in order to provide irrigation and driving force for the mills. In the 15th century...
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  • Imbersago - Traghetto di Leonardo (Leonardo's ferry)

    It is not certain whether Leonardo da Vinci was the actual inventor of this type of ferry, which uses the river current to move; he certainly studied the course of the Adda River at length during the ...
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  • La palude di Brivio (The marsh in Brivio)

    After exiting the small lake of Olginate, the Adda River takes a winding course and forms a meander whose bend, facing west, marks the boundary of a marshy area called Isola della Torre and Isolone de...
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  • Lecco - Palazzo delle Paure (Palace of Fears)

    Built between 1902 and 1905, until 1964 it was the headquarters of the Finance office (“Intendenza di Finanza”), the land registry (“Catasto”) and the customs (“Dogana”), so it was given t...
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  • Lecco - Torre Viscontea (Visconti Tower)

    This is the only part of the Visconti fortifications to have survived the demolition ordered at the end of the 18th century. The triangular-shaped fortified village was completely surrounded by defens...
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  • Parco Adda Nord

    The park includes the coastal territories of the Adda River, along the stretch that crosses the high valley, downstream of Como Lake, including the lakes of Garlate and Olginate. In this stretch, the ...
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  • Ponte San Michele di Paderno d'Adda (San Michele Bridge in Paderno d'Adda)

    The San Michele Bridge is a steel viaduct with mixed railroad traffic that connects the towns of Paderno D'Adda and Calusco d'Adda. It was built between 1887 and 1889 to span 150 metres over a deep ...
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  • The village of Crespi d'Adda

    The village of Crespi d'Adda, founded by the cotton industrialist Cristoforo Benigno Crespi, who had recently built a modern cotton mill in the area, is an almost unique case in Italy of a village li...
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  • Trezzo sull'Adda - Centrale Idroelettrica Taccani (Taccani Hydroelectric Plant)

    Since 1906, the bend of the Adda River below the cliff of the Visconti Castle in Trezzo has been home to the Taccani Hydroelectric Plant, designed by the architect Gaetano Moretti for the textile indu...
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  • Vaprio d'Adda - Casa del Custode delle Acque (House of the Water Guardian)

    The House of the Water Guardian is located between the Martesana canal and the Adda River in Vaprio d'Adda. The basement houses the interactive gallery "Leonardo in Adda". Three rooms where it is p...
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  • Vaprio d'Adda - Chiesa di San Colombano (Church of San Colombano)

    Some Columban monks, coming from Bobbio, revived, around 620, this castrum abandoned for years, transforming it into a monastic-rural settlement. The Romanesque church of St. Columbanus dates back to ...
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