Garlate - Civico Museo della Seta Abegg (Silk Museum)

Garlate - Civico Museo della Seta Abegg (Silk Museum)

The Abegg Silk Museum is located in a spinning mill of eighteenth-century origin, on the shores of Garlate Lake, surrounded by a mulberry garden. It exhibits discoveries, inventions and machines for the production of silk, from the silkworm to the fabric. It was built up in 1953 by the Abegg family, who owned the property, as a precious testimony to the manufacture of silk, which was, together with iron metallurgy, the main economic resource of the province of Lecco until the 1930s. When it reopened in 2013, the museum was enriched with new exhibition spaces dedicated to weaving and a section regarding research and applications of silk in the biomedical field, cosmetics, and the production of new yarns.

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