Archeological Site

  • Bicogno - Masso Avello (rock)

    Many such rocks have been found in this area, known as the Larian Triangle. They were hollowed out to form troughs; historians have recently discovered that they were used as individual or communal to...
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  • Novate Mezzola - Ruins of two ancient limekilns

    Just before reaching the small church of San Giovanni all'Archetto, you will come across some remains of natural ovens where the ore was baked to produce lime.
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  • Torno - Ponte sul vallone della Pliniana (Bridge over the valley of the Pliniana)

    This bridge, with its stone parapet, is one of the best-preserved and oldest along the 'Strada Regia'. It is difficult to determine the exact date of this ancient construction, which was renovated i...
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