• Brivio - Castello (Castle)

    Documents refer to the existence of a castle in this place since the 10th century, but the present castle is most probably a reconstruction of the previous fortress, carried out by the Visconti family...
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  • Colico - Torre di Fontanedo (Tower of Fontanedo)

    The Tower of Fontanedo (approx. 550 m) near Fontanedo (hamlet of Colico) stands in a commanding position on the spur that descends from the northern slope of mount Legnone. It was built for protection...
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  • Colico - Torretta (Turret)

    Picturesque rural farm building with a barbican, which proves that it was originally a fortification.
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  • Corenno Plinio - Castello e borgo medievale (Castle and medieval hamlet)

    The hamlet of Corenno Plinio is one of the most characteristic corners of lake Como. This place is imbued with history and it is still easy to imagine what life on the lake was like in the Middle Ages...
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  • Dervio - Torre del Castello di Orezia (Tower of Castle of Orezia)

    Perched on a cliff overlooking the village, the castle of Orezia was built in the late Middle Ages to block the road to the Varrone valley. The tower is still in good condition and is flanked by the r...
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  • Grono di Roveredo - Torre Fiorenzana (Fiorenzana Tower)

    This 13th-century 4-storey dwelling tower was recorded in 1314 as being owned by the de Sacco family. It is thought to be the oldest building in Grono. The stone building on a square plan with reinfor...
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  • Mandello del Lario - Torre del Barbarossa (Tower of Barbarossa)

    The tower testifies to the hospitality offered by the Mandelli family to the German Emperor Frederick Barbarossa in 1158. Built of limestone, it houses a museum founded by the Gruppo Amici di Maggiana...
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  • Mesocco - Castello di Mesocco (Castle of Mesocco)

    The castle stands on a rocky outcrop overlooking the valley. It was the main fortress of the Grisonians and one of the largest castle fortifications in Switzerland. Built in the Dark Ages, in was exte...
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  • Norantola di Cama - Castello di Norantola (Castle of Norantola)

    The fortalice, mentioned in 1324 as part of the Sacco family estate, was acquired by the Trivulzio family in 1480 and then destroyed in 1483. All that remains today are a some ruins comprising irregul...
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  • Roveredo - Torre di Boggiano (Tower of Boggiano)

    This is an old medieval watchtower built in a commanding position on a rocky spur above the ravines of the Traversagna. From here there is a splendid view of much of the valley. The ruins of the four-...
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  • San Pietro - Torre di Segname (Tower of Segname)

    The tower is thought to date back to the 10th century, to the times of the Hungarian incursions. The name Segname derives from its function as a strategic location for sending signals in the valley (...
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  • San Vittore - Torre di Pala (Tower of Pala)

    Standing on a rock above the district of the same name, it was probably built at the end of the 1700s and extended in the following century. The six-storey rectangular building with battlements was pr...
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  • Sorico - Torre Nuova di Sorico (Tower of Sorico)

    We do not know the exact date of its construction, but historians agree that in the past it was used as a control and collection point for customs duties on the ancient Via Regina.
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  • Varenna - Baluardo (Bastion)

    The Baluardo (Bastion) reminded a fortified castle built by the Sforza family during the Venetian wars and, today, it is a grassy area surrounded by cypress trees, with a fantastic view of the lake.
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  • Varenna - Castello di Vezio (Castle of Vezio)

    The picturesque construction is a typical example of a castle-enclosure with a separate central tower surrounded by a wall and several smaller towers. Its origin is not certain. Some scholars attribut...
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