Leg 07 - Peglio - Sorico

Start node info
Peglio - 626 m
End node info
Sorico - 216 m
Total length
25.7 km
Walking time
8h 30m
Elevation gain: 1.479 m
Elevation loss: 1.884 m

From Peglio you follow the road to Livo, walk past the Church of the Madonna di Goghiglio and approach the threshold of the village; there you walk on the streets, keeping left and reaching via San Giacomo (717 m; 2 km) with the church bearing the same name and its cemetery. The cart-way goes on with a gentle slope and leads into the community of Dangri (689 m; 5.1 km). After crossing the bridge on the Livo creek, you turn right on the opposite side and, at the fork, you keep right and continue along the flat path that leads to the village of Barro; you climb down to the Bares creek and then climb up on the other bank and head in a small valley. After a short stretch, you come upon the waterfall of Caurga, you ford the creek and overcome a slope, reaching the ridge that leads to Barro di Vercana (795 m; 7.5 km). You climb again in the woods and to the meadows before Trobbio where, at the fountain, you climb above the village and continue on the right, to Tabbiadello. Once you cross the cart-way that leads to Vercana (1063 m; 10.5 km), you take the descending trail to the cabins of Roncai. For a stretch, the path follows the mule track to the Alp of Acqua Fresca, then it turns towards the valley of San Vincenzo. You ford the creek nearby a spring and you keep on climbing towards Montalto (1058 m; 15.3 km). You follow the uphill road, then the mule track on the left, walk across the meadows and once again reach the main road. From there you climb down, walking around Sorico valley and across the grazing lands of Piazza Lunga, to the community of Fordeccia (1128 m; 19.7 km), where you cut across the meadows and reach the cart-way that leads down quite steeply towards the lake, passing by a few villages, among which are Pozzi and Selve; from the fountain you walk to Corsone and, finally, to the mule track on the right, which leads to the small church of San Miro and, from there, paved stairs take us down to Sorico.
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