Colico - Chiesa di San Rocco (Church of San Rocco)

Colico - Chiesa di San Rocco (Church of San Rocco)

  • Address: Località San Rocco Colico (LC)

Next to the church there is a pleasant resting place with tables and stone benches surrounded by fields and chestnut groves. The Romanesque apse testifies to the church?s ancient origins. Some fairly substantial traces of paintings can still be made out, especially in the apse. These are the work of an unknown but skilful artist and probably date from the early 15th century. Of particular interest are the Christ in a Mandorla, or Almighty, flanked by the prophets Jeremiah and Isaiah. An interesting fresco depicting the Last Supper was brought to light during a recent restoration project; the bell tower and portico were added in 1401.



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