Leg 03 - San Fedele d'Intelvi - Lenno

Start node info
S. Fedele d’Intelvi - 737 m
End node info
Lenno - 215 m
Total length
18.9 km
Walking time
6h 30m

Elevation gain: 1.226 m
Elevation loss: 1.763 m

In San Fedele d’Intelvi you cross the provincial road and climb to the cemetery and then to a clearing, where you make a left and follow the signs for the “percorso vita”; then you turn right on via Pighini and, immediately after, turn left. Further on, by a left bend, the mule track appears on the opposite side (trail marker on the low wall), which cuts across a field and leads us through the woods to the community of Belvedere (935 m; 1.5 km). You  walk past a fork and keep left and then, at the next fork we turn right and climb up on the mule track, which after a while narrows down to a trail. You pass by Alp of Coia and climb to the mountain cabins and the roccolo (bird snare) of the community of La Zerla (1144 m; 3.9 km). Still climbing, you head back to the woods and then emerge nearby steep grazing lands, then you walk along the hillside until we reach the cabins of Bassetta Bassa (1300 m; 6 km). The path goes by the cabins, then turns right and climbs down through the trees across the northern side of Mount Costone (another option takes us to the cabins of Bassetta Alta and cuts the hillside higher up on the mountain). You reach an enclosed private grazing land, which you get around of by hiking up to the right, until the cross of Alp Colonno (1334 m; 7.9 km). You walk down on the left, among the meadows, where you find a drinking pond and a track that runs parallel to the road, then cuts through the woods and eventually reaches Boffalora hut (1216 m; 9.7 km). Our path follows the asphalt road for a short stretch, heading to Galbiga-Venini hut, until the first switchback, where you take the path on the right, just by a few houses, and walk along the grassy slope (signs to Grandola e Uniti); then you enter the woods and approach the small village of Pioda. At the fork you continue towards la Taiada and you come out of the woods onto an open grazing land. You reach the Alp of Gada (1318 m; 12.8 km) and walk on to the mountain village of La Piazza (1211 m; 13.4 km). You continue on this narrow concrete road for a fairly long stretch and head down, sometimes quite steeply, to Lenno.

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