• Emanuele Rotta

    Excursions, trail running, Nordic walking, orientation, trekking, speedhiking, hiking. We want to promote the culture of the mountains, facilitating safe access for anyone, trying to stimulate paths ...
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  • Infopoint Bellano

    Tourist office in Bellano
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  • Infopoint Chiavenna

    Regional infopoint managed by the Consorzio per la promozione turistica della Valchiavenna.
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  • Infopoint Colico

    Tourist office in Colico
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  • Infopoint Lecco

    Official infopoint of Le Vie del Viandante
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  • Infopoint Madesimo

    Regional infopoint managed by the Consorzio Turistico Madesimo.
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  • Infopoint Milano

    Tourist office in Piazza Duomo in Milan
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  • Infopoint Varenna

    Tourist office in Varenna
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  • Lake Como Trek

    Lake Como Trek takes care of individual self-guided treks around Lake Como, take your heavy bags to the next stop and assist you during the journey.
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