COLICO - Locanda Capolago

COLICO - Locanda Capolago

Imagine a quiet place, an offbeat, intimate, well-groomed place where you feel pampered and always at ease: Locanda Capolago is the place to go. It is a hotel & restaurant that was established as a result of a great passion.
Today, the inn is almost unrecognisable from its former self. You will be amazed by the large black fireplaces, fully restored original Piedmontese marble floors, wrought iron details and the very intimate reading room that give the inn its unique style for a truly relaxing experience.
We have personally designed our garden which is situated in the historic town centre of Colico, in order to create a stunning outdoor veranda with majestic sycamore trees and elegant umbrellas.
All of this is surrounded by various flower beds, filled with herbs, roses and green hedges.
An ideal setting where you can enjoy our cuisine which is based on the quality and freshness of expertly combined raw materials.




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