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Disclaimer The available tracks on our websites are measured by our technicians, or by people external of our staff, and sometimes they are digitalized, that means measured using geographical databases on digital maps or aerial pictures. Whichever might be the elaboration technique, these GPX tracks may include errors due to the used instruments or to… Continue reading Disclaimer App EN

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HELP CONTATCTS CREDITS DISCLAIMER PRIVACY POLICY The Wayfarer’s Ways   This App contains all the information you need to discover at your own pace the history, nature and culture of Lake Como, Valchiavenna and Mesolcina. The area has a rich history linked to trade between northern and southern Europe: communication routes travelled by wayfarers, traders,… Continue reading Info App EN

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Basilicata Free To Move Basilicata is the place you don’t expect. A land of light, a land that knows how to make itself loved by anyone who wants to discover the charm of travelling along secondary roads, which from the mountain ridges look out over unusual landscapes.

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Privacy policy The “Le Vie del Viandante” App requires access to the position in the background so the device can keep track of the user’s position on the routes and warn him if he strays from the track even when the device is in stand-by mode.  Data ControllerIn the person of the Legal Representative of… Continue reading Privacy App EN

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IMPORTANT: The use of the App involves an elevate battery consumption. We recommend to take a power bank with you. GLOSSARY Use without internet connection Use of the maps Other functions Important warnings USE WITHOUT INTERNET CONNECTION To use the App without internet connection download contents when a Wi-Fi connection is available.   Maps and… Continue reading Help App EN

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“Le Vie del Viandante” App has been realized by ItinerAria srl The GeoGuida App is a platform created for territorial promotion bodies and for tour operators, to facilitate orientation along walking and cycling routes. All contents (maps, itineraries, points of interest) are available even without internet connection. For more information: info@itineraria.eu – www.itineraria.eu Maps: Copyright… Continue reading Crediti App EN

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Contacts Tel.: +39 0341 481485E-mail: leviedelviandante@comune.lecco.it  INFOPOINT CHIAVENNA 23022 – Chiavenna (SO)Piazza Caduti della Libertà 3T 0343 37485consorzioturistico@valchiavenna.comwww.valchiavenna.com INFOPOINT MADESIMO 23022 – Madesimo (SO)Via alle ScuoleT 0343 53015info@madesimo.euwww.madesimo.eu INFOPOINT CAMPODOLCINO 23022 – Campodolcino (SO)Via D.R. BalleriniT 0343 50611campodolcino@valtellina.itwww.campodolcino.eu