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Gordona - Chiesa di San Martino

This church houses one of the richest collections of silverware in the whole of the Chiavenna valley, mainly thanks to gifts by the people who

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San Pietro - Torre di Segname

The tower is thought to date back to the 10th century, to the times of the Hungarian incursions. The name Segname derives from

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San Pietro - Torre medioevale del Culumbèe

The tower stands in the old centre of San Pietro, on the road leading to the church of the same name (Saint Peter's). To date we have

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Samolaco - Resti della chiesa di Sant'Elena

On the edge of the hamlet there are the ruins of a little old church,

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Novate Mezzola - Mòt di Béch

This is an inlet in the northern part of lake Mezzola, close to the little church of San fedele (also known as San Fedelino). There is a small

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Novate Mezzola - Chiesa di San Fedelino

This small Romanesque architectural gem stands on the shore of lake Mezzola. The little oratory in its picturesque natural setting can be reached

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Sorico - Riserva naturale Pian di Spagna e Lago di Mezzola

The 'Pian di Spagna' plain, a wetland of international importance, was primarily formed by extensive flooding of lake Mezzola.

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Sorico - Chiesa di Santo Stefano

Next to the church stands an imposing bell tower. Originally constructed in the Romanesque style, the Baroque tower that stands today was rebuilt in 1703.

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Sorico - Chiesetta di San Miro

The little church offers panoramic views from its commanding position overlooking Sorico and the entire lake. Inside it houses the remains

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