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Roveredo - Palazzo Comacio

This impressive square building, arranged on three almost identical levels, was erected in around 1670 by Tommaso Comacio: it is possibly

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Roveredo - Chiesa parrocchiale di San Giulio

This large medieval building (first mentioned in 1219) has an impressive post-Romanesque bell tower. Inside there is a Romanesque-Gothic

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Roveredo - Casa Zuccalli e Mazio

It comprises two of the most interesting dwellings: Casa Zuccalli (owned by the well-known family of builders in Austria and Bavaria) with

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Roveredo - Casa Tenchio

This early Baroque (mid-17th century) horseshoe-shaped building, built in the style of the Italian mansions at the time, is on the road in the

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Roveredo - Chiesa di Sant'Antonio abate

The church is on the cantonal road in the old centre of Piazza. First documented in 1419 and extended in the 17th century, it is built on a

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Roveredo - Palazzo Trivulzio

The first records date back to the early 14th century. It was originally owned by the Sacco family and then acquired by the Trivulzio family in 1480.

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Roveredo - Torre di Boggiano

This is an old medieval watchtower built in a commanding position on a rocky spur above the ravines of the Traversagna. From here there is a splendid

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Roveredo - Chiesa di Sant'Anna (Madonna del Ponte Chiuso)

This impressive and harmoniously proportioned Baroque construction is one of the most interesting in the Mesolcina valley. It forms a scenic entrance

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